This is why Facial Skin Starts to Sag Early and How it is important to Fight It (Scientists Explain)

Our skin loses elasticity with age — it atrophies our muscles, resulting in classical signs of aging like saggy cheeks and chins. It is an unfortunate outcome as a fluffy face shows all our years. There seems to be only one way out — to run to a plastic chirurg. But things are not always that bad in fact. Without expensive treatments such as a facelift, these ageing symptoms may be reversed at home.

We will tell you about the best ways to fix saggy cheeks. There is a bonus tip at the end of the article that explains some very simple, yet effective muscle enhancement activities.

The reasons

1. You lost weight drastically.


Sudden or drastic weight loss has a negative impact on your appearance. You may have eliminated so much fat, but there’s still excess skin. That is why you should complete the cycle if you decide to start a diet and lose weight. Experts recommend that attention be paid to face during weight loss and that tightening creams and special exercises be used.

2. You like to sunbathe and spend a lot of time in the sun.

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Ultraviolet rays, in particular the component of the radiation called UVA, are harmful for the skin. This radiation penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, or dermis. Why is this so risky? The dermis is made of 70% collagen, which is the face’s normal carcass. This is caused by UVA rays literally.

3. You eat too many sweets.

Several books explain the harmful effects of sugar, and it turns out that the excessive intake of sugar often reduces the elasticity of the skin, which may trigger an older aging cycle. Undigested molecules of sugar will inhibit collagen and elastin in the skin, according to a common theory. The more sugar you eat, the more sagggy your skin becomes.

4. Your hormone balance is broken.

The shortage of estrogen is one of the key reasons why skin elasticity is lost. The female hormones stimulate the formation of dermal fibroblast to produce elastin and collagen. Consequently, people with low levels of oestrogen end up with saggy skin and premature wrinkles.

5. You’ve stopped consuming fatty foods completely.

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Those who keep up their wellbeing often refuse to consume processed foods or fried foods, which is fantastic. Total denial of consumption of products containing fats will negatively affect the skin. Some fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6 preserve their membrane elasticity, contribute to the maintenance of the immune system and decrease cancer risk according to some studies.

6. You constantly use your phone.

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You the see the “smartphone face” staring back at you in your mirror when you always uses your smartphone or tablet, keep track of the news on Instagram and speak to friends online. An overuse of electronic gadgets can lead you to keep your head frozen at the screen of your gadget. The heavy use of smartphones shows, a bloated nose, wrinkles and a saggy chin are the product of the cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mervyn Patterson.

7. You might be having problems with your teeth.


The condition of the face muscles can directly be affected by the question of wisdom or incorrect bite. Special work was done by experts from the University of Michigan who found that the wrong bite adversely affects the attractiveness of your face. Excessive muscles, which occur due to the incorrect placement of teeth, may cause saggy cheeks to occur.

8. You sleep too little.


A sleep failure may lead to a deep wrinkles and a sluggish face. All because our skin repairs at night, and because of the improved blood circulation when we sleep the ingredients in night creams are more safe. Keep in mind that your body loses a great deal of moisture during sleep, and this is why moisturizing creams are important for preventing dehydration of skin.

9. You like to jog.

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Jogging is not the right choice for older athletes, says Dr. Gerald Imber, a cosmetic surgeon. When conjunction with bad weather (sun and wind) and excessive shaking, the skin is less elastic and hanging. Jogging without doubt is one of the best ways to lose weight, but the presence of ‘bulldog chees’ is possible with a dramatic fat loss paired with physical activity that can distort the skin.

10. You often worry about small things.

On our face our inner thoughts are always presented. Lip corners pointing and brows furrowing on your face are sure to leave a trail. After a while, these facial movements are going to be a routine and hard to get rid of. In response to these stressful conditions the cortisol level rises, immediately affecting the skin and hair condition.

11. You grew older.

The facial muscles which support the face skeleton are only attached on one side of the skull bones. It’s awesome because with the aid of these muscles, we convey our emotions. However, after some time, they lose their elasticity, leading to slender cheeks and a flimsy face rather than a smooth, oval-like face.

How can we fight it ?

  1. Facial muscle building exercises.
  • “Smiling sphinx” — Seek to just smile with your mouth and relax your eye muscles.
  • “Buddha’s face” — Relax and focus between brows on the spot. It makes you feel and reduce pain in your muscles.
  • “Chubby cheeks” — Please fill your cheeks with air and roll it between the cheeks.
  • “A blown kiss” — Take your lips out and press your fingertips tightly, building strength.
  • “Fish” — Suck in between the teeth of your cheeks so your face looks like a fish.

2. Lymphatic drainage massage.


A lymphatic drainage massage can be done at home, in spite of its complex name. Before beginning the procedure, it is recommended that a light peel be performed with a cosmetic product containing fruit acids. Then apply a little massage oil and warm the skin so the muscles can be more easily influenced.

The principal routes of the lymphatic drainage that you can see in the above picture should be preceded by a lymphatic drainage massage. It encourages the release of toxins, eliminates puffiness and strains the skin.

3. A correct diet.


The fact that what we eat shows on our faces is well established. In order to keep your skins tight, nutritionists recommend that products such as laitch, nuts, avocado, asparagus and fish stimulate the production of natural collagen be consumed.

Around the same time, products that preserve moisture are prohibited in the body as they induce oedema and swelling — they intensify the ptosis in the face.

4. Contouring.

Decorative makeup help to conceal a dynamic face and show the powerful features of the face. This region can be more vibrant with a dark contour added to the chin line. The key thing to remember is to pick the correct shade of the cosmetic drug, or others won’t appreciate your efforts.

5. Cosmetics.

  • High retinol and vitamin C creams and serums enable the skin to develop natural collagen.
  • Aloe vera and peppermint-containing gels improve blood circulation and stimulate skin cell regeneration.
  • High SPF creams reduce the sun’s negative effects and slow down the aging process.

Do at least five of these exercises. The product of squeezed skin would only be patience and perseverance.   Were you aware of any tricks in order to strengthen your face skin? Post your thoughts with us, please!

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