This is What happens If You Do Stretching For 10 Minutes every Day for 30 Days, Here Are the Changes

“Since the time my first PE class in grade school, I’ve heard a lot of beneficial things about extending works out, however I didn’t pay attention to them in those days. At the point when I turned 30, I began encountering torment in my back every now and then. No medication that I took would support me, so I needed to search for different answers for this issue. That is the point at which I chose to direct a trial and fuse extending into my day by day schedule. I’ve been extending my muscles for 10 minutes every day for a month and now I can see some surprising changes in my body.”

We’d like to share the results I experienced after this experiment,we really hope to encourage our readers to follow this example.

My stretching routine:

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed

Seated spinal twist: Plunk down to the floor and expand the two legs before you. Twist your left knee and spot your right elbow on it. Put your left hand on the floor behind you and look your left shoulder. Hold for 60 seconds, at that point switch sides and rehash.

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed

Downward-facing dog: On the shoulder width, split the hands and feet. Sit straight for 2 minutes, and keep your arms and legs straight.

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed

Cobra pose: Just move your body. Lie down on your stomach. Extend your legs and put your hands under your shoulders on the ground. Lifting your shoulder, raising your upper body from the floor. Take a two-minute pose. 

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed

Frog pose: sit down and your legs widely apart, with your feet below the butt. Hold your feet on the ground, lift your buttocks and go as far as possible along the ground. Enable your legs to break apart, until your thighs are extended. Take a two-pose.

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed

Head-to-knee bend: Take your left knee, and the left foot’s soles near your inner right thigh, sit down on the ground. your right leg extended to your side. Bend right and take both hands on your right foot. Hold 60 seconds and then swap hands.

The results I’ve got:

1. I’m not feeling cold all the time.

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed
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You already know that expanding your muscle tissue enhances your blood supply. However, I personally had no idea that this benefit would involve not only my muscles, but also all my internal organs and body parts.

Without moving too much, I always felt cold, especially in my hands and feet. Whatever I did to warm them up didn’t work in the long run— my palms were freezing again after a few minutes of exercise.

A stretching routine has allowed me to improve the transport of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body. Now, this better circulation helps me to keep my temperature normal naturally in all parts of my body.

2. I feel less anxious. I feel less depressed.

There’s a fair risk of the muscles being stressed when you feel pain. That’s what psychosomatics are called. This sounds pretty intuitive in principle, but I would never have thought that stretching works better than any sedative.

I said that I’ve already enhanced my work productivity. But the energy boost didn’t just happen. Spreading also helped me relax my mind and made me feel better. This mental calm helped me better relax and function without distracting and pessimistic thoughts with a clear mind.

3. I have strengthened my balance.

Stretching can prevent tight muscles and make your body feel better,” I read a month ago. Ok, I couldn’t tell that I’ve had any issues with coordination in the past–you don’t have to have a perfect balance if you sit still in your chair for all the day?

However, when I tried to ride a bike a few years ago, I thought something had gone wrong. I just couldn’t keep it together, and here and there it would lean again and again and again. Today I can only not understand why it was so difficult for me to do such a simple job, and I am proud to say that I finally demonstrated gravity to who is the boss!

4. My lab results have become better.

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed

Some studies have shown that stretching exercises also help lower cholesterol  and keep glucose levels in check by avoid hardening of the arteries and improve blood supply in all the internal organs. I have also decided to prove this too.

I wasn’t even worried about my safety before the experiment. A lack of daily practice, inadequate diet and sedentary lifestyles–all led to my high levels of cholesterol and sugar. However, daily stretching helped me greatly— my blood tests have returned to normal.

5. My back pain is gone.

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed
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This experiment was prompted by the intense pain in my back. I’ve also been advised that stretching helps to relieve and avoid lower back pain by strengthening muscles and lowering muscle tension risk. Oddly enough, it was real.

I needed to do something to reduce the tension in my back and to give back the strength to the glute muscles without being too boring as a repeated sitter who had virginally no time to do a complete workout each day. Extension was a good decision. It turned out.

I finally feel relaxed after a month of extending workouts— no more discomfort. In addition, my muscles have improved and my shoulders no longer have knots.

6. I’m not so lenient.

During my long, dragging day I used to have trouble staying awake. At around midnight, I felt too lenient and lethargic to try to think of a spot where I could take a nap peacefully, when my boss was occupied with other issues.

It helped me dramatically to raise my energy level Stretching right at my desk for 10 minutes a day. Ok, I no longer feel lazy. On the opposite, my work efficiency increased and during my lunch break I even took the opportunity to exercise. Farewell to my exhausted midday!

7. I finally feel my own body.

Stretching is, of course, the best way to get a great body. However, here this is not the case. Extensive workouts have been a way for me to heal my body.

You actually don’t feel your legs when you go home from work when you sit at your desk all day long. It was for me like that. But I knew my body needed my treatment more than I actually felt when I began stretching. I continued to expand slightly and operated on those muscles that were weaker and needed to be strengthened through the better consciousness of the body which evolved as a result of the stretch.

8. I started sleeping better.

I’ve Been Stretching 10 Minutes a Day for 30 Days, and Here’s What’s Changed
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Before the experiment, back pain was not my only concern. I had some very anxious  sleeping issues, too. Sleeping insomnia, feeling tired right after waking-I’ve learned those words. But I just didn’t expect stretching to help me have a rest for a good night.

Stretching before bed will alleviate muscle tension and prevent latent cramps. It turns out When nothing disturbs you in the night, your sleep is higher quality and in the morning you feel better. Therefore, for me no more chamomile tea, stretching is the best option!

How often do you stretch your muscles? Do stretching exercises help you feel better? Share your experience in the comments!

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for

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