This illustrator transforms common idioms and expressions into their literal meanings

Keren Rosen is an artist who changes regular figures of speech and articulations into their exacting implications. Figures of speech and articulations are utilized each day to convey specific implications. Rosen be that as it may, subverts these metaphors and translates them in a strict sense. A few models of her work incorporate basic words like “firecrackers,” which is delineated by a fire doing some work on a workstation, or “dozing pills” deciphered as strict containers thinking about lofts.

1 Baking soda

2 Blind spot

3 From the bottom of your heart

4 Broken heart

5 Fast food

6 Fireworks

7 Hungry eyes

8 Jan session

9 Let your mind wonder

10 Papercut

11 paper jam

12 Rocking chair

13 Sleeping pills

14 Window shopping


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