The Size Of These Things are Bigger Than What You Thought

Photographs that will stun you. Things that are truly Bigger. The thing that truly makes you say ‘stunning’ is the scale. You can’t generally welcome the sheer size of something except if something natural is put close by it for examination. We have assembled a rundown of things that are significantly Bigger than you likely idea. Look down to look at them for yourself

The Great Pyramid Of Giza Compared To A Human


Quetzalcoatlus Northropi Model Next To A 1.8m Man. The Largest Known Flying Animal Ever Exist

Fully Inflated Horse Lungs

A Full Grown Wombat

A Bus, For Size

Salt Water Croc Is An Absolute Unit

Giant Leatherback Sea Turtle

Michaelangelo’s David

Giant African Land Snail

Eagle Talon Vs. Human Hand

Wolf Size Compared To Coyotes

Gorilla’s Hand

Giant Oceanic Manta Ray

Bear Claws Next To Human Hand

Size Of A Blue Whale’s Heart

Size Comparison: Titanic Vs. Modern Cruise Ship


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