Silicone Egg Rings Non Stick

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Make Mess-Free Breakfasts That Look Stunning Every Time.

No More Mess

- Non-stick premium silicone egg rings 
- Easy to clean - Simply rinse in soapy water 
- Dishwasher proof 
- Reusable - Wipe and keep cooking 
- High-quality durable & soft silicone - no scratched pans 
- 100% BPA free & FDA approved high-quality silicone 
- Can be heated to 446 degrees Fahrenheit 


- No more scraping debris off metal rings
- Make fried eggs quickly and easily
- Waggle the handle to see when ready
- Round pro-pancakes easy to get off the pan
- Handle flips down for easy storage

Happy Kids and Popular Chefs

- No more fighting over biggest pancakes 
- Professional looking every time 
- Easy to clean means quicker to cook 
- Goldilocks' size rings (4 inches) - just right - not too large or too small 
- Kids and grandkids can help make their own 
- Vibrant color 
- Great gift idea in a smart presentation box 

Easy to Use

- Waggle stay-cool handle to check if it's flipping time 
- Get awesome eggs, pancakes, patties, English muffin. Rings that work every time with our mold mantra: "Heat, dip, warm, pour, wait, waggle, whip and flip"