Learn How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship With These 6 Tips

1- Don’t listen to everyone telling you it’s not gonna work
We all know that the moment you mention you’re in a long distance relationship, everyone around you will start questioning it, telling you how hard it is and how 90% of the time it doesn’t work, but what they don’t know is that every couple is different, every relationship is different and they certainly don’t know the kind of connection you have with your partner. What works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa.
2- Trust
Trust is the base of any relationship, if you don’t already have that with your partner before they leave, then why even make the decision to be in a long distance committed one? Are they worth waiting for?
3- Stay busy
It’s so easy to get depressed over not having your S.O. there whenever you need them or simply miss them so always make sure to stay busy and occupy your time whether it’s with school, work, a hobby or spending time with family and friends.
4- Know that life gets in the way
It’s really frustrating when you try to call your partner and they keep on giving you excuses about how busy they are or how they hardly have any time to talk over the phone. Try to be understanding if a couple of days go by and you don’t have a full on conversation. They’re probably adjusting to the new environment or they could be going through something you can’t relate to. Try to keep up with them at least through texts or voice notes.
5- Time difference is real

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