Hilarious Comics About Your Expectations When Buying Clothes Vs. The Reality

Of course our body’s a liar, here and there it grants you with endorphins and serotonin, yet it likewise has a considerable measure of fun to your detriment. Weng Chen, the craftsman behind The Adventures of Messy Cow, delineated a portion of the dirtiest deceives her body has ever pulled on her, and it includes a considerable measure of garments.

“In the event that you at any point thought about getting in shape, you more likely than not heard this expression: Don’t go shopping … when you are ravenous,” Chen composed. “In any case, I have to disclose to you another essential thing: don’t purchase garments when you are eager.”

Because when you’re hungry, you might get the illusion that you’ve lost weight. “I often get this illusion,” she added. “I feel my belly empty and my legs weak, [and] I associate this feeling with being THIN. Then, like a whirlwind, there comes an unstoppable urge of shopping for new clothes.”


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