7 Major mistakes can stop you from building your muscle

Did you ever feel after a little progress at the beginning, that the muscle does not seem to be growing anymore despite doing all the right things at the gym? If so, you probably have some simple stuff wrong. You might overwork, for instance, which seems like the best approach, but is counterproductive instead.

In order to learn more about what you could wrong, read this FOXEEY article in the end to prevent lureing other common mistakes in future as well as not just fixing your current mistakes.

1. Being inconsistent

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The best thing you can do to foil all of your efforts is to be inconsistent. If you are not consistent, your success is wasted rather than summed up, which is the best thing to do.

2. Not using barbells and dumbbells

Many people think it will help them rapidly create muscle using cool looking machines in the gym, but they have the wrong idea. Barbell and dumbbell strengthens more muscle fibers and thus improves stabilizer muscles that lift heavy weights. Furthermore, because the movement is safe, the chance of injury is less if you weigh without weight.

Place it at the end of the exercise if you choose to use a stabiliser system. Bear in mind that you don’t take the load behind your head when raising a heavy load. The load-lifting behind your head activates the same muscles that would be involved if the load were to be raised above the head and put in a vulnerable position behind your head, and increasing the chances of having an injury.

3. Avoiding intense weight training sessions

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The human body is built to retain energy so we do not go hungry. The body therefore clearly doesn’t want to develop muscles. Weight exercises are very important in order to push the body into muscle building. No matter what the replacement selection you have, the weight should be so high that you can hardly complete the amount of times you need and the preparation should be adequate to promote protein synthesis.

4. Not eating enough food

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You need to get plenty of food to get the energy needed to grow muscles when you are attempting to create muscles. It will not be enough to consume just 3 meals. Therefore, it is suggested that you have at least 6 meals a day to get the calories needed.

5. Not eating the right food

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Most people who begin with the intention of building muscle assume that they just have to eat protein to stack up muscles. Proteins are essential, as they consist of amino acids, which are the cornerstones of life, but it is not recommended to ignore carbohydrates and fats. Carbohydrates provide the body with the energy to help increase muscle mass, while testosterone and other growth-related hormones are responsible for fats.

If you don’t get the desired results, consider adding five hundred calories in the diet and if you still don’t see any growth after a few weeks, then add another five hundred calories, while making great efforts at the gym.

6. Overworking


Overwork would be more detrimental than healthy for you. You have to eat a lot, not be concerned about getting fat, because you want to develop muscles and not lose weight. Most cardiac activity can be detrimental. You sacrifice your calorie surplus to build your muscles when you work a lot or do a lot of cardio.

7. Constantly sticking to the same rep-range

Although there is much debate about the optimal replication of muscle building, there is some kind of consensus that 5-8 repetitions are optimal. Nonetheless, it’s not the best way to stick to the same rep-range particularly if you’re not a beginner. Therefore, 3 separate rep-ranges are recommended: low, medium and strong. Starting with the low repository, function at each point for 2-3 weeks.

  • Small reproduction range (3-4 reps): It helps you to increase your weight, allowing you to use heavyweight in the other reproduction lines over time.
  • Medium repository (6-8 rep), acting as a bridge from the low repository to the high repository.
  • Strong rep-range (12-15 representatives): it helps to increase the longevity.

What defects do you say you’re in the gym? Also, don’t forget to tell your amateur gym friends the story. Your assistance will help them get their ideal bulky muscles.

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