6 Effective ways to get your neck looks younger (No More Double Chin)

The first symptoms of aging are typically in the face. That’s a familiar reality. The explanation is that the skin is thinner than on the other parts of the body and, in turn, has less oil gland, so it loses elasticity more easily. Fortunately, changes related to age can be effectively combated.

Foxeey gathered a few popular tips that can prevent aging and make your neck stay younger longer.

1. Remember to exercise

You have many exercises to keep the muscles of your neck and face fit. Some of them are here:

Move the lower jaw back and forth
Protrude your lips (in the shape of the letter “О”
  • Strengthen your lips and keep 5 seconds in the form of the letter “O”Several times repeat this exercise. Then, make the same thing, as in “eel,” pronounce the sound “E.”
Sit straight, press your right hand against your forehead
  • Sit upright, press right against your forehead. Sit straight. By tilting your head, press your hand firmly. Hold this 10 seconds spot.
Sit straight, put your hands behind your head
  • Sit straight behind your head and lean against the back of your ear, without tilting backwards .. Sit straight. Hold this 10 seconds spot.
Sit straight. Tilt your head backwards and open your mouth
  • Sit straight. Just sit straight. Turn back your head and open your mouth. Attempt touching the upper lip without bringing your teeth together with your lower lip. Many times repeat the workout.

2. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C and fatty acids

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Vitamin C increases collagen production, rendering the skin elastic. Therefore more citrus fruits, tomatoes and berries should be included in your diet. Some omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid products are also healthy to eat: olives, fatty peppers, nuts, and avocados. They lead to the nourishment of your skin from within and to your wellbeing.

3. Moisturize your skin regularly

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However, at the first glance, many people forget that their necks need to be moisturized daily, as well as their ears. No special lotion is required because your standard facial cream is just as good for your face. Be careful how you apply it to your neck, because moving your fingers upwards is crucial. You have to pay attention.

It is also good to include certain beauty treatments we used to do for our faces. The skin on your back, for example, needs mild exfoliation, just like your face. Delicate treatments are easier to use. For starters, in order to make a proper scrub, you can mix yogurt with oat flakes. It helps to extract dead cells from your skin without damaging your sensitive skin.

4. Look after your posture

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The primary cause for headaches and pain in the neck may be a poor posture. Secondly, wrinkles can arise because of continuous bending and not easily be removed.

Another adversary with a lovely skin and a strong posture— the mobile phone. When they read or watch it, many people wear it less than the eye level and this often creates wrinkles.

5. Don’t wear heavy jewelry

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The soft skin on the neck is expanded by thick necklaces and pendants. Only on special occasions should you wear them. Although of the same explanation, it is best that close neck sweaters are not wearing synthetic turtleneck.

6. Don’t overuse perfume

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The fragrances contain alcohol and various flavorings that dry and make the skin less elastic. You should apply your perfume just on your wrists as you get used to changing your perfume during the day.

These activities are performed 1 to 2 times a day to produce better outcomes. Regular workouts will, in addition, even help preserve your nakedness, as daily physical activity stimulates blood flow and oxygen strengthens the skin and makes it more elastic.

Do you have any special tips on how to keep your neck fit? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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