24 Unusual tattoos that render a new turn in the field of art

The use of tattoos for many is very popular in the contemporary world. Nevertheless, not every tattoo is sadly original. Yet we searched the internet, filtered the same hieroglyphs, flowers and stars, and found the best tattoos for you all. Obviously, looking at these pictures doesn’t make you feel empowered, but it’s definitely going to make you feel inspired.

FOXEEY got 24 tattoos designed by talented artists who enjoy what they are doing. Good luck!

  1. It’s impossible to hide a smile.

2. Patronus

© everforthright36 / reddit  

3. The logogram from the movie, Arrival.

© kookimonstr / reddit  

4. Color line

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🌈🌈color line @hktattoo_zada

A post shared by Mini Tattoo (@mini_tattooer) on

5. This space dog chasing space cat.

© Mancabbage / reddit  

6. Adam’s creation

© BreathesFreely / reddit  

7. Simple and stylish

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to throw its skin

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8. “My mom and dad are always with me.”

© tenaciousliam / reddit  

9. Anatomical heart

10. “My secret Orion’s Belt tattoo.”

© Rosehips89 / reddit  

11. Gentle, not vulgar.

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12. This cool chair

© TheMexicanJuan / reddit  

13. “My floral moon phases.”

© annagrose / reddit  

14. A very tempting tattoo

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++ peekaboo 🌹 ++

A post shared by BB (@balazsbercsenyi) on

15. Dali-inspired elephant

© ThisKittysGotClaws / reddit  

16. Rainbow dust

17. A diver and an astronaut

© SOSneedchalupa / reddit  

18. The whole Simpsons family in one tattoo.

© amazing_cucumber / reddit  

19. Kiss

© tumblr.com  

20. “I got a tattoo around my arm so that I could always remember the year I traveled the world.”

© mdleast1986 / reddit  

21. A simple tattoo with great meaning.

© Christianhbk / reddit  

22. “My pet dinosaur and me.”

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small tattoo for a good friend in prague 🇨🇿

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23. The entropy of this tattoo increases inch by inch.

© Itsjustcavan / reddit  

24. The Cheshire cat that becomes visible only under ultraviolet light.

© GeneReddit123 / reddit  

Do you or your friends have any creative tattoos? Share your photos with us!

Preview photo credit TheMexicanJuan / reddit

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