24 Special shots, maybe once in a lifetime.

Today we have all the required tools to catch a special moment quite quickly. As such, on a single leaf are masterpieces such as a cat shop assistant or a ladybird’s entire life. These instances rarely occur.

24 of the best pictures for you were selected by FOXEEY.

  1. A trampoline kangaroo
© obiwancanolaoil / reddit  

2. Give them fresh veggies, don’t run from the police. don’t.

© wonheart / reddit  

3.”I went out on the balcony to get fresh air …”

© exxxxxodus70 / imgur  

4.“WAIT, How many cats do we have?”

© redditSGFTI / reddit  

5.“Today , I successfully took a picture of me high fiving myself.”

© Tumyy / reddit  

6.Butterfly number 89

© imgur  

7. Extensive wind turbines and even more blades.

© BunnyAdorbs / reddit  

8. How’s he keeping so quiet?

© KillAutolockers / reddit  

9. This moment is awkward …

© Ozzyab / pikabu  

10. What happened?! What happened here?!

© noathings / imgur  

11. This is not love! It is true love!

© Mcklash / reddit  

12. “It looks like digital art, this onion on my taco.”

© mai_hauran/ reddit  

13. The 3 stages of a ladybug’s life

© mlkevazovsky / pikabu  

14. “When this man decided he had to have rest I was just sitting on my paddle board.”

© mlkevazovsky / pikabu  

15. You could dream of the best shop assistant:

© zarsql / pikabu  

16. This is how a new Mercedes is born.

© DV123 / pikabu  

17. This street light looks like the eyes of the tree.

© Nezznaika / pikabu  

18. “My perfect FLICK”

© subyamxapa / imgur  

19. Luisa Bodem is a long jumper who finishes her jump at the German Athletics Championships.

Luisa Bodem competes during the women’s long jump event at the German indoor athletics in Leipzig, Germany, Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017. (Hendrik Schmidt/dpa via AP)

20. Professional photobomb

© Melissa Brantds / National Geographic  

21. Perspective is king.

© chocolatechips / imgur  

22. When you hear your owner shake the food bag:

© imgur  

23. “Grab my hand.”

© shutterstock.com  

24. “I must hurry, the country needs my help.”

© imgur  

Perhaps you really got any great pictures? Post them in the comment section and we might include them in our next compilation.

Preview photo credit Hendrik Schmidt / AP Images

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