15-year-old girl doing makeup art in an amazing way

My name is Kate Werner. Propelled by craftsmen in YouTube recordings and online networking, I started doing cosmetics craftsmanship around two years back. Furthermore, around a year prior, I began transferring my cosmetics manifestations onto my Instagram account, BeautyGoneBad. Until this point, I never extremely found an energy or something to keep me occupied. I didn’t fit in with games or clubs, however I discovered craftsmanship was something I was occupied with. I loved illustration and painting, yet it took a while for me to find body workmanship.

Imaginative cosmetics Art took my most loved things, cosmetics and painting, and set up them together. It resembles having a totally reusable canvas, and you can transform yourself into anything or anybody you want.
 That’s the reason I jump at the chance to consider myself a “cosmetics shapeshifter.” Depending on the cosmetics, or how roused I feel, a cosmetics can take from a hour to 10 hours. It’s sort of an entire day bargain. I generally begin around twelve and complete during the evening. It doesn’t trouble me to spend throughout the day accomplishing something I adore, however. I cherish doing cosmetics so much that I would like to one day do it as a vocation! It took a while for my folks to acknowledge how genuine I was about it, and we’ve just begun investigating school choices.

I’m currently in high school, and I’m involved in the theater department at my school, doing things with makeup crew and backstage stuff. It’s made me realize how important makeup is for productions in theater and film, and that’s what I hope to do. I want to do makeup for movies and TV, and create characters.
 Makeup has changed my life for the better, and I hope it continues to do so for as long as it can.




















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