11 Things That Make You Age Quicker

In the event that you sit for over 8 hours consistently, you may look 8 years more older. There are a few things we may not consider that can influence our appearance. Depression and an absence of companions can likewise cause quick maturing and other medical issues.

We at FOXEEY arranged a few things that may cause early maturing with the goal that you can begin forestalling them today.

Toward the finish of this article, you can find a little tip that can assist you with staying more youthful for more.

1. Hormone levels.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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With age, our hormone levels change and if there’s an unevenness, it influences the entirety of your body. Not exclusively would this be able to cause mood swings, however your skin and hair can likewise change, looking a great deal more awful than expected.

On the off chance that the emissions neglect to leave the ductless organs, it can prompt maturing. Help yourself out and have hormone blood tests once every year.

2. Consuming too many supplements.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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Its a well known fact that an absence of nutrients can prompt terrible skin, hair and nails, yet when you continually overdose on supplements it additionally can fill in as a risk to your wellbeing and youth — it can even prompt poisonous manifestations. At the point when your body gets “harmed” constantly, the entirety of its frameworks endure, so you look more terrible and get more seasoned quicker.

In case you don’t know whether you need either nutrient or different enhancements, or essentially have inquiries regarding the amount of something you should take, ask your primary care physician and have some blood tests done that can appear in the event that you truly need them.

3. Consuming too many sugar and dairy products.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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After you leave a piece of fruit on a counter for a while, it starts to look a little different. It becomes brown because its sugar reacts with its proteins. And the same reaction happens in our bodies when sugar starts to react with collagen. Your skin becomes dull and sallow.

There are also some researchers that say dairy products can make you look older since it could increase inflammation. This leads to oxidative stress which can be the main reason for premature aging.

4. You don’t take a shower after the gym.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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It’s not just about hygiene but sweating irritates your skin as well, which can lead to damage and an aging appearance. That’s why it’s so crucial to wash your skin in the morning and before bed, as well as after you sweat heavily. If you want to take a shower at home after the gym, it’s better to at least rinse off your face.

5. If you’re a frequent flyer.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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The humidity in aircraft cabins is usually less than 20%. So it’s no wonder that our skin becomes dry after flying. To avoid this, bring a small travel bottle of moisturizer on board and drink more water. This is especially needed when traveling on long flights.

Planes are full of bacteria that can cause skin-ruining acne. Don’t forget to bring some antibacterial wipes with you and wash your face after a flight.

6. Drinking regularly from water bottles.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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Dr. Mitchell Chasin says an everyday habit like drinking from bottles can form very deep wrinkles around your lips. Of course, this has nothing to do with biological aging but any extra wrinkles can make you look older.

7. Changing of diet too often.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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To stay healthy and in shape, we need to stick to a certain food routine. When we change our diets too often, our bodies don’t have time to adapt. If you spend the first week just on water, the next one on cucumbers, and the third on meat, it can harm your body and keep it in a constant state of stress. And unfortunately, stress can make us age faster.

Besides, short-term changes in eating and activity can lead to the loss of muscle and bone. So, as a result, one could experience poor mobility and early aging.

8. You don’t have close friends.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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It turns out that neglecting your friendships and social networks can lead to health problems and faster aging. This conclusion was made by researchers who studied the topic. Loneliness is a risk factor that increases the chance of death. Also, the effects of feeling lonely can be compared to those of smoking.

Such an effect may be seen in people who have no friends, don’t go out, or do it far less than the average person. It also decreases physical activity which is very important for one’s well-being.

9. Consuming only red meat.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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It’s not just about refusing to eat red meat altogether but rather, more about the amount of it you consume. A study showed that eating too much red meat and too few fruits and vegetables may increase one’s biological age. It happens because this kind of diet increases levels of one element in the blood which is called serum phosphate. Moreover, it can cause chronic kidney disease down the line.

The best way to avoid negative results is to balance your diet and not exclude other types of foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

10. You wear heavy earrings too often.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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Heavy earrings put a lot of weight onto a delicate area of the ears. It can cause a loss of ear shape and split earlobesYour skin gets stretched and loses its elasticity which creams can’t always fix. It may seem like an insignificant factor of aging, but our ears are a very visible part of our bodies. It adds more years to your appearance when your ear skin looks saggy and old.

11. Sitting more than 8 hours a day.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster
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People who sit most of the day and get no exercise are biologically 8 years older than their actual age. This statement was proven true by researchers who tested 1,500 women and determined it may be connected to our DNA. Prolonged sitting may shorten the length of chromosomes.

Shortened chromosomes can also lead to some diseases. Because of this, researchers recommend having at least 30 minutes of exercises a day and taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes.

Bonus:  “Healthy” and “Regular” aging.

11 Things That Make Your Body Age Faster

Researchers say that there’s “healthy” aging when you don’t experience any chronic diseases, no loss of memory, and no physical disabilities comparting to what’s “normal.” Moreover, they found that the consumption of nuts during your midlife can lead to better overall health and well-being at older ages. Additionally, after 8-weeks of aerobic training, microcirculation becomes much better. Because of this, people who eat nuts and do aerobics look younger.

What things do you do in your daily life that can inherently make you look older? Would you like to look younger or are you comfortable with your age? Please write your feedback below!

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