10 Things Flight Attendants Rarely Talk About and Tips to Make Your Flights More Comfortable

A stewardess is one of the most romantic jobs in the world. These beautiful women always remain calm and smile in any situation — all while wearing high heels. And of course, flight attendants have their own secrets that they don’t reveal to regular passengers.

Here at Foxeey we’vedecided to find out what stewardesses are hiding behind their polite smiles and learn a few new tricks that can make any flight a more pleasant one. We also found out that sometimes flight attendants forget about formalities and can have fun at work. Make sure to read the article all the way to the end to learn more.

# Only men used to be flight attendants in the past.

Men were the first flight attendants. As usual, the situation was changed by one brave woman — a nurse named Ellen Church. She learned to control a plane in 1930 and offered to work as a flight attendant of Boeing Air Transit. Other airline companies decided that this was a great marketing move to attract passengers: if a young girl was not scared of flying, then others would follow her example.

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