10 of The Best Expert Tips for How to Treat Bleeding Gums

About 600 million people experience some type of gum problem in their lifetime. But the good news is that most of these can be cured at home. And bleeding gums are the first sign of gum diseases like gingivitis and the more severe periodontitis.

This Foxeey article will help you to treat your bleeding gums as well as tell you how you can prevent it altogether.

1. Use gauze.

Post-dental girl at dental clinic with gauze at the mouth, Sore and sad emotions

Just like with any bleeding, holding a damp piece of gauze against the bleeding area will stop your bleeding. But if bleeding gums are a regular problem, you should visit a dentist.

2. Use a cold compress to reduce swelling and a warm compress for pain relief.

Hold a cool compress, or even an ice cube against swollen, bleeding gums to instantly stop the bleeding. Keep the ice there until the bleeding stops, but if blood keeping oozing out even after 10 minutes of applying the compress or ice, consider calling a doctor.

You can use a warm compress later to relieve pain. But use it only after the inflammation is gone.

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